Lithium ion battery pack

Lithium ion battery pack assembled with cylindrical li-ion battery cells is the most cost-effective battery pack type, mainly because the cylindrical li-ion cells is very common and widely used, such as the well-known cells 18650 21700 46800. Another lithium ion battery pack assembled with big capacity Al-shell prismatic li-ion battery cell is more and more popular in the application of Light Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage System.

As a lithium ion battery pack supplier and manufacturer since 2014, Legend has a very deep konw-how for cylindrical and prismatic li-ion battery cell, the rich experience in designing and manufacturing li-ion battery pack. To offer the safest and most reliable battery pack solution, our Cell Engineer will choose the cylindrical cells mainly from Panasonic, Murata(Sony), Samsung, LG and Molicel, prismatic Al-shell cells mainly from CATL, BYD, CALB and EVE, certainly we also can use the cells as our customer request. Our BMS Engineer will choose the reliable IC MCU from TI ST SEIKO RICOH to design the reliable and smart PCM/BMS with Bluetooth, NTC, GPS, communication protocol CANBus, SMBus, RS485, I2t, UART etc., then our own SMT facility will manufacture it. To fit your device battery room, our Structure Engineer will offer the suitable structure solution, such as wires connector, FPC connector, Pin connector, PVC, plastic or steel housing etc..With the help of our Automatic and Semi-automatic production line and MES system, we can provide the stable quality and affordable cost li-ion battery pack for our customers from all over the world.

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Lithium ion battery pack-Cylindrical cells inside

Lithium ion battery pack-Prismatic cells inside

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